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Fabled Bean

Cupping & Tasting Event

Cupping & Tasting Event

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Join us at Fabled Bean for a coffee cupping event!!.

**tickets are non-refundable**

So what is cupping? Cupping simply put is coffee tasting. We use special cupping bowls and spoons to evaluate the flavour and quality of the roasted coffee. 

At Fabled Bean we roast our coffee onsite and this is the coffee being used for the event.

The event includes:

  • Taste 4 different coffee beans
  • Discuss what is cupping and why we do it
  • Discuss what are the four types of coffees used in this event and how they are different
  • Talk about the science of roasting
  • Discuss what to look for in quality coffee
  • Talk about importance of ethically sourcing green coffee beans
  • Includes 300 g bag of coffee beans for you to enjoy at home. 

We would love to have you join our event, talk a little coffee and walk away with a bit of knowledge.

Cost: $34.99

Length of event: 1.5 hours

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