Storytelling and coffee go hand in hand at the Fabled Bean

Storytelling and coffee go hand in hand at the Fabled Bean

By 93.3 myFM News/Classic Rock staff Written by Joseph Goden

Owners, Valerie Bowering and Domenic Aloe have a shared passion for storytelling, folklore, mythology, and tall tales. Fabled Bean is their combined expression of a love of culture, where people can gather to socialize and share a cup of outstanding coffee.

The Fabled Bean is located at 73 King Street West in Cobourg, just west of Victoria Hall. After nearly a month in business, word is beginning to get out about their exceptional roasts using Ethiopian, Columbian, Mexican and Guatemalan beans to create some of their popular bags that you can purchase to brew your own at home.

With whimsical names like ‘Wind in Yer Sails’, ‘End of the Grind’, and a decaffeinated offering called ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Fabled Bean is bringing a new twist to coffee culture.

Coffee cultivation goes back the 15th century with coffee houses playing a pivotal part in information exchange, so much so that they were often referred to as ‘Schools of the Wise’. Valerie and Domenic wanted to pay homage to the early days of the coffee house as a place to meet and exchange ideas.

According to Domenic, Valerie does all the roasting and they’re sensitive to sharing the best beans they can get, favouring organic and fair trade beans that support local farmers and cooperatives in the countries they buy from.

Aloe told us they want to provide an opportunity for their customers to learn more about coffee and are happy to take the time to explain the different roasts and beans available. Never had a macchiato? Domenic tells us they’ll happily explain the differences between lattes, espresso and all the wonderful ways you can enjoy your cup of jo.

Domenic told us they also plan to host events like chess tournaments, jazz performances, and author signings, to name just a few, in addition to coffee tasting events.

The back of their coffee bags sum up nicely their philosophy. ‘At Fabled Bean, each coffee bean tells a story. We infuse our passion for folklore into our coffee, making each sip a step into a world of timeless tales. You’re not just enjoying a cup of coffee; you’re joining a narrative that spans across cultures and continents.

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